The Texas Constitution

Agriculture Code

Alcoholic Beverage Code

Auxiliary Water Laws

Business and Commerce Code

Business Organizations Code

Election Code

Family Code

Finance Code

Insurance Code

Insurance Code - Not Codified

Labor Code

Local Government Code

Occupations Code

Penal Code

Property Code

Special District Local Laws Code

Utilities Code

Note: Work in Progress

The set of statutes currently available on this site is not complete. However, I expect to make the complete list available very soon. The following statutes are not yet available:

  1. Civil Practice and Remedies Code
  2. Code of Criminal Procedure
  3. Education Code
  4. Estates Code
  5. Government Code
  6. Health and Safety Code
  7. Human Resources Code
  8. Natural Resources Code
  9. Parks and Wildlife Code
  10. Tax Code
  11. Transportation Code
  12. Water Code

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