1. Sec. 1802.001. PROPERTY AND CASUALTY INSURANCE INITIATIVES TASK FORCE. (a) The commissioner may establish a task force to study the utility and feasibility of instituting various property and casualty insurance initiatives in this state.
  2. (b) The initiatives studied may include:
    1. (1) possible coordination with:
      1. (A) the Texas Economic Development Bank to make certain property and casualty insurance an enterprise zone program under Chapter 2303, Government Code; and
      2. (B) Neighborhood Housing Service (NHS) programs to establish voluntary NHS-Insurance Industry Partnerships;
    2. (2) possible insurance agent programs to increase minority agency access to standard insurance companies, including minority intern programs with insurance companies;
    3. (3) possible tax incentives for insurance written in underserved areas; and
    4. (4) a consumer education program designed to increase the ability of consumers to differentiate among different products and providers in the property and casualty insurance market.
    Added by Acts 2005, 79th Leg., Ch. 727 (H.B. 2017), Sec. 2, eff. April 1, 2007.


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