Title 1. Uniform Commercial Code

Title 2. Competition And Trade Practices

Title 3. Insolvency, Fraudulent Transfers, And Fraud

Title 4. Business Opportunities And Agreements

Title 5. Regulation Of Businesses And Services

Subtitle A. General Practices

Subtitle B. Rental Practices

Subtitle C. Business Operations

Title 6. Sale Or Transfer Of Goods

Title 7. Receipts, Documents Of Title, And Other Instruments

Title 8. Security Instruments

Title 9. Applicability Of Law To Commercial Transactions

Title 10. Use Of Telecommunications

Subtitle A. Telephones

Subtitle B. Electronic Communications

Title 11. Personal Identity Information

Subtitle A. Identifying Information

Subtitle B. Identity Theft

Title 12. Rights And Duties Of Consumers And Merchants

Title 13. Contests And Other Promotions

Title 14. Recordings

Title 15. Currency And Trade

Subtitle A. Currency

Subtitle B. Port Of Entry Authorities

Subtitle C. Trade Zones

Title 16. Advertising And Marketing

Subtitle A. Advertisements

Subtitle B. Marketing Practices

Title 99. Miscellaneous Commercial Provisions


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