Title 1. General Provisions

Title 2. General Provisions Relating To Licensing

Title 3. Health Professions

Subtitle A. Provisions Applying To Health Professions Generally

Subtitle B. Physicians

Subtitle C. Other Professions Performing Medical Procedures

Subtitle D. Dentistry

Subtitle E. Regulation Of Nursing

Subtitle F. Professions Related To Eyes And Vision

Subtitle G. Professions Related To Hearing, Speech, And Dyslexia

Subtitle H. Professions Related To Certain Types Of Therapy

Subtitle I. Regulation Of Psychology And Counseling

Subtitle J. Pharmacy And Pharmacists

Subtitle K. Professions Related To Use Of Certain Medical Equipment

Subtitle L. Cemetery And Crematory Services, Funeral Directing, And Embalming

Subtitle M. Regulation Of Other Health Professions

Title 4. Professions Related To Animals

Title 5. Regulation Of Financial And Legal Services

Subtitle A. Financial Services

Subtitle B. Legal Services

Title 6. Regulation Of Engineering, Architecture, Land Surveying, And Related Practices

Subtitle A. Regulation Of Engineering And Related Practices

Subtitle B. Regulation Of Architecture And Related Practices

Subtitle C. Regulation Of Land Surveying And Related Practices

Title 7. Practices And Professions Related To Real Property And Housing

Subtitle A. Professions Related To Real Estate

Subtitle B. Professions Related To Property Taxation

Subtitle C. Regulation Of Certain Types Of Housing And Buildings

Title 8. Regulation Of Environmental And Industrial Trades

Title 9. Regulation Of Barbers, Cosmetologists, And Related Occupations

Title 10. Occupations Related To Law Enforcement And Security

Title 11. Regulation Of Sales And Solicitation

Title 12. Practices And Trades Related To Water, Health, And Safety

Subtitle A. Occupations Related To Water

Subtitle B. Practices Related To Health And Safety

Title 13. Sports, Amusements, And Entertainment

Subtitle A. Gaming

Subtitle A 1. Texas Racing Act

Subtitle B. Sports

Subtitle C. Arts And Music

Subtitle D. Other Amusements And Entertainment

Title 14. Regulation Of Motor Vehicles And Transportation

Subtitle A. Regulations Related To Motor Vehicles

Subtitle B. Regulations Related To Vessels

Subtitle C. Regulation Of Transportation Services

Title 15. Occupations Related To Employment


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