Title 1. General Provisions

Title 2. Environment And Sanitation

Subtitle A. Solid Waste Management

Title 3. Health

Subtitle A. Hospital Districts

Title 4. Development And Improvement

Subtitle A. Agriculture

Subtitle B. Defense Base Development

Subtitle C. Development, Improvement, And Management

Subtitle D. Parks And Recreation

Title 5. Transportation

Subtitle A. Navigation Districts And Port Authorities

Subtitle B. Road And Road Utility Districts

Title 6. Water And Wastewater

Subtitle A. Drainage Districts

Subtitle B. Fresh Water Supply Districts

Subtitle C. Special Utility Districts

Subtitle D. Irrigation Districts

Subtitle E. Levee Improvement Districts

Subtitle F. Municipal Utility Districts

Subtitle G. River Authorities

Subtitle H. Districts Governing Groundwater

Subtitle I. Water Control And Improvement Districts

Subtitle J. Water Improvement Districts

Subtitle K. Seawall Commissions

Subtitle L. Municipal Water Districts

Subtitle M. Water Power Control Districts

Subtitle X. Districts With Combined Powers


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